Great Canadian Chicken Challenge!


Welcome to the Great Canadian Chicken Challenge!  Chicken Farmers of Canada is launching an exciting recipe contest and we want to shout it from the rooftops!  This contest has the most amazing prizes!  All you have to do is create and submit a unique recipe with 4 required ingredients...chicken thighs, gingerale, quinoa and mango.  Delicious no?!  I'm already dreaming up dishes! So before we get to the details, let's get your chicken tastebuds tantalized and your mind swirling around ideas … [Read more...]

Yes, you can have a Smudge Proof Kitchen!


I'm back talking about my fridge!  You may remember how I showed you all of its fantastic features, and all the ways to keep your fridge organized...and now I'm back to show you that you can indeed have a smudge proof kitchen! It's true.  Even with kids and pets.  Yes, you can have a smudge proof kitchen!  And I do mean one without fingerprints and sticky messes on your stainless steel appliances. Before I had stainless steel appliances in my kitchen, I didn't believe that was possible.  I … [Read more...]

Roasted Garlic Olive Oil


Happy Friday friends!  Hey, did you know that tomorrow is National Garlic Day?  Who knew...well now we do.  Honestly if it weren't for #FridayRecipeClub how would we know these things?!  It's kind of fascinating really...I mean who makes these food days official anyway? Ah well, no matter...I do love garlic though.  You?  I mean the way it smells when it's being's truly one of my most favourite smells.  So for todays recipe I made Roasted Garlic Olive Oil, and let me tell you about … [Read more...]

Hot Cross Scones

Hot Cross Scones {A Pretty Life}

Since Easter is just a few days away, I thought I'd share an easy  and festive recipe with you!  One that you can whip up quickly for your Easter brunch! { Hot Cross Scones } I don't know about you, but we love hot cross buns.  They're really the best aren't they?  I love them so much I was trying to think of other ways to enjoy the flavour.  Then I thought, what about scones?  So I did some digging and found a recipe for inspiration and came up with this delicious twist...Hot Cross Scones … [Read more...]

Lemon Cream Fruit Tart with a Shortbread Cookie Crust


 So in yesterdays blog post I raved about how much I loved my new KitchenAid® 13-cup Food Processor with ExactSlice™ System, and then I teased you with this picture of what I made with it.  That wasn't very nice of me was it?  ;) Well don't're in luck!  I'm sharing my recipe with you today, and just in time for Easter...this Lemon Cream Fruit Tart with a Shortbread Cookie Crust would make the perfect Easter dessert!  Don't be intimidated - tarts are way easier than they look! The … [Read more...]

KitchenAid® 13-cup Food Processor with ExactSlice™ System Giveaway!


 I've got so much fun over here for you today...I've been so excited to give you the chance to win an amazing kitchen appliance! Recently I got to test out the KitchenAid® 13-cup Food Processor with ExactSlice™ System and I have to say I've rediscovered my love of the food processor.  Anything that cuts down on my kitchen prep time makes me happy! Here's my review: When my sleek, white KitchenAid food processor arrived at my door, I took one look at it and knew I was going to love this … [Read more...]

Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Baked Penne


 Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Baked Penne.  Just think about that for a second...yummmm...noodles, jalapenos and cheeeeeese.  You don't want to miss this recipe, it's what's for dinner! Our family loves macaroni & cheese in any way, shape or form.  So when I saw that Kraft has a new addition that combines the convenience and softness of their shredded cheese, with the creaminess of their Philadelphia cream cheese to create Kraft Shredded Cheese with a Touch of Philadelphia, I just knew I had to … [Read more...]

Our Sunday Best Showcase #12!

Our Sunday Best Showcase

Welcome to Our Sunday Best Showcase #12! Together with myself, Shauna from Satori Design for Living, Aimee from Twigg Studios and Nicolette from momnivore's dilemma and ink & sky, we all welcome you to our little shindig! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Party Features! Thank you for coming on over!  It's not a party without friends! Before we party, we want to share the features from last weeks linky! The lovely Aimee of Twigg Studios put together this beautiful round up! ** … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Grilled Cheese


Hi!  Welcome back to another scrumptious Friday!  Did you know that it's National Grilled Cheese Day tomorrow?  Yes there's such a thing.  Thank goodness for the internet or we'd never know about these things!  ;) And we all have had a grilled cheese in some way, shape or form...and the more grilled cheese I have, the more I realize I like them fancy like this one I posted last year.  Who knew? So when I was thinking of what kind of grilled cheese to make for today, my husband told me about … [Read more...]

Organizing A Shared Boys Bedroom


This spring my husband and I have been knocking a lot off our home to-do list!  We've repainted our office and master bedroom, and purged a lot of old clothes, toys and stuff we don't need.  And it feels so good! One room in particular though was bothering me...our boys room.  Last year we moved our boys into a shared bedroom, and it's been a great success thus far.  They're good together, we haven't had any sleep or sharing issues (knock on wood), and overall it's been great!  The only problem … [Read more...]