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What’s New on Netflix this Summer!

Here’s a little tidbit that you may not know about me…I’m a big Star Wars fan.  I was a kid when all of the original Star Wars movies came out and I remember watching them over and over again, including the Ewok movies!  But I have to admit I didn’t really care for the newer movies, episodes 1 – 3.  So when I saw that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was coming out and all of the characters that I loved so much, like Chewbacca and Hans Solo, were returning I couldn’t wait to see it!  As soon as it was in theatres I went with my family and we loved it…it was better than I could have imagined and it left me wanting to see it again, and hoping for more sequels! Now this leads me into some very exciting news from Netflix Canada!  The Star Wars universe has expanded so viewers in Canada are now able to stream Star Wars: The Force Awakens!  My family was so excited to learn that this movie was available to watch right at home (and I was happy because we didn’t have to buy the DVD!  Score!).  So this weekend, on a very rainy Sunday afternoon we flopped on the […]

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Lavender Honey Cake  {A Pretty Life}4

Lavender Honey Cake

This Lavender Honey Cake is a perfect summer dessert.  The vanilla cake base is tender, with the subtle and delicious flavours of lavender and honey. – – – – – – – On our recent trip to Tofino, BC, based on a recommendation from my friend Julie, we visited a chocolate and ice cream shop called Chocolate Tofino.  Honestly, I have never had a better ice cream cone in all of my life…I tried their Double Chocolate cone and a Sweet Cream and Dark Chocolate Chunk cone and I still can’t stop thinking about them.  I also taste tested one of their unique flavours called Lavender & Honey, which I thought was so delicious and interesting and it immediately made me think of cake.  Because I’m always always thinking of cake.  But seriously, think about how scrumptious a Lavender and Honey Cake would be…warm vanilla cake with soft flavours of lavender and honey…not too much, just enough to lightly taste them. To get the beautiful lavender flavour into the ice cream, the shop steeps fresh lavender flowers in cold cream, so that is what I tried when making this cake.  Luckily I have a beautiful pot of lavender growing in my garden so I was […]

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Patio Container Garden  {A Pretty Life}8

Create a Summer Flower Garden Patio!

With a container garden create a beautiful summer space on your deck or patio!  Here are some tips to help you! – – – – – – Welcome to my summer home!  It’s a flower party all up in here.  We have been having the most wonderful weather this spring/summer, and it started so early which has been fantastic for my plants!  My flowers have never looked this amazing this early in the season!  And with such a short growing season, this makes me very, very happy. As I mentioned before, I am working with Lowe’s this season to bring my patio garden to life!  As part of this garden project I have put all of my gardening efforts into an oasis on my back deck, using nothing but containers.  We’ve even removed flowerbeds so I could concentrate on just taking care of all of my planters, and am I ever happy that I have chosen to garden this way.  With life being so hectic, it’s just so much easier for me to take care of potted plants that are right outside our patio door.  Not to mention, that walking out onto the deck feels like I’m walking into a sea of […]

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Easy DIY Patio Lights  {A Pretty Life}

Easy DIY Patio Lights

String patio lights around your deck or patio space to make a magical nighttime garden retreat! – – – – – – For as long as I can remember I have wanted to string patio lights around my deck but just never got around to making it happen.  I decided to change that this year, and get it done.  And now that the lights are up, I’m sad that I took so long to do it!  I love how my deck looks all lit up at night, SO SO much.  So much. This really is the easiest project I have ever tackled.  It’s almost too easy and embarrassing to share here, but I’m going to because if you have ever considered doing this to your deck space I want you to know you should.  Don’t wait another second because you’ll love the outcome. This is not a fancy project by any stretch, but then again I’m not fancy.  Sometimes I just want things done in a simplistic way, and that’s what I got with this light project.  To string the lights I used 2x2x8 treated lumber poles and stainless steel screw eye rings.  I screwed the eye rings into the centres of the […]

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Summer Bedroom  {A Pretty Life} Feature

Summer Master Bedroom Refresh

Refresh your master bedroom for summer with simple and easy changes like new bedding, fresh flowers and cheery art! – – – – – – – I am a big fan of changing up the decor in my home with each season.  I love the refreshing feeling of updating colours and accessories to match the time of year.  I always update our living room and porch space, but I’m also trying to make sure I update our master bedroom as well.  For some reason master bedrooms get overlooked when it comes to decorating, but I’m trying to make sure that ours doesn’t.  I don’t want my room to be the space where junk goes to hang out, I want it to be a fresh and relaxing space that I enjoy being in.  So I really try to keep this room looking great, even at holiday time.  The last couple of Christmas’s I even managed to decorate this room, but truth be told the evergreen wreaths stayed hung this year until the beginning of June!  Ha!  True story.  Clearly it was time to bring this room into summer, and I couldn’t wait.  I needed to have my bedroom space feel fresh again.  And […]

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Container Gardening with Lowe's Feature

Container Gardening with Lowe’s

I’m sharing tips on how to have your best container garden yet! – – – – – – Container gardens are a wonderful and easy way to enjoy gardening, and garden centres are making container gardening easier than ever with a tonne of great planter options.  You can create your own beautiful planters, but if you want pre-planted pots, you can have those too! To have your best garden yet, today over on the Lowe’s site I’m sharing ideas to put together beautiful planters, plus tips and tidbits to keep your flowers blooming and beautiful all summer long! – Here is what I will be sharing, so please pop on over to be inspired! 3 Steps to Create Fabulous Container Garden Flower Combinations 11 Inspirational Ideas for Beautiful Planter Arrangements 7 Creative DIY Alternatives to Traditional Flower Pots 3 Quick Ways to get the Most from your Local Garden Centre …… Have a great day!  

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