Jalapeno Cheddar Quick Bread  {A Pretty Life}Feature

Jalapeno Cheddar Quick Bread

This Jalapeno Cheddar Quick Bread is a great addition to your dinner table.  In about 1 hour you can have fresh baked bread to serve alongside your soups, stews or casseroles.  Easy and delicious! – – – – – – – If you love fresh bread served with your meals, quick breads are your best friend!  In one hours time you can prepare, bake and have warm fresh bread on your table.  Can’t beat that! Quick breads are breads that don’t require yeast, and instead use leaveners, so there is no need for kneading and waiting for the dough to rise.  They’re the easiest kind of bread to make.  So when you’re pressed for time and just want fresh, warm bread for your dinner table you can have it.  Just stir together some simple ingredients, bake it for an hour and you’ve got fresh bread ready to devour! I love quick breads so much that I make them quite often, and I like to play with the ingredients to suit our meals.  But this Jalapeno Cheddar Quick Bread is our favourite thus far. It’s moist, cheesy and spicy, making it perfect to serve with chili or ribs or dipped in soup! For […]

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Chocolate Bundt Cake  (JRooney) Feature

Chocolate Bundt Cake

This Chocolate Bundt Cake is moist, chocolaty and perfectly fudge-y! – – – – – – – I love Bundt cakes…everything about them.  They’re delicious, gorgeous and so easy to make.  Oh, and have I mentioned the pans?  All of the glorious beautiful pans?  I have a Bundt pan obsession and I don’t care who knows it!  Recently I bought a new one, and it was just calling out to have a chocolate cake baked in it.  So I rose to the challenge and made this delicious Chocolate Bundt Cake. This is the kind of cake that likely won’t last through one dessert session, and if it does it will call you from the counter demanding that you come eat it right now.  And you’ll think of it as it sits there, and your mouth will water and you’ll then need to go over with your fork and eat it.  all.  up. It’s so delicious.  Moist, chocolatey and irresistible.  For this cake I used Astro® Original Balkan Style Yogourt (6%) in the recipe.  I like to use yogourt in many of my cake recipes, because I just know that by adding it, the cake will come out moist.  But I like to use a thick and […]

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Nourish Cookbook Review Feature

Cookbook Review: Nourish

Cookbook review of  Nourish by Netti Cronish & Cara Rosenbloom, RD. – – – – – – I’m so excited to be adding a new feature and series to my site!  I’m going to be doing more book and cookbook reviews, which is something I have wanted to do for quite some time now.  As one could guess, I have quite a collection of books, but especially cookbooks.  Being in this industry of blogging and food blogging, quite a few cookbooks come my way, which often get read and loved but then end up on my overflowing bookshelf which is really a shame.  So instead of doing that I want to share my thoughts on books that I come across that I love, like, find intriguing or I think you might like! So today a group of us have joined together to share our thoughts, some recipes and gorgeous photos of dishes from the cookbook, Nourish by Netti Cronish & Cara Rosenbloom, RD. Right away I was intrigued to delve into this cookbook with the title, Nourish.  Every time I make a meal for my family my goal is to nourish them, so I was excited to see what new […]

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Lemon Scones with Lemon Curd Glaze  {A Pretty Life}Feature

Lemon Scones with Lemon Curd Glaze

Make these Lemon Scones and serve them with Lemon Curd Glaze!  A delicious and very lemony treat! – – – – – – – So before we get to the lemon scones, can we just talk about this turquoise baking sheet for a second?  Seriously, LOOK at it.  Have you ever seen a more gorgeous pan?  I saw it at Winners and had to have it, I mean how could I not? I envisioned all kinds of baking that I could make on it, and how pretty it would look in pictures…a food blogger is always thinking about food pictures and props, all the dang time.  I no longer just see dishes when I’m shopping, I see them as food props, and imagine them in blog and Instagram posts!  It’s a sickness I tell you.  😉 I decided to christen this pan with a delicious batch of lemon scones…the yellow with the turquoise?!  Oh heck yes.  But most importantly these scones are so scrumptious.  I love all kinds of scones, strawberry white chocolate, hot cross scones, eggnog scones, pumpkin, vanilla white chocolate…you name it.  But the best of them all?  These lemon scones.  With the lemon curd glaze.  You have to make […]

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Vineyard Tour at Kendall-Jackson 6

Kendall-Jackson Winery Tour

A tour of the Kendall-Jackson Vineyard.  This tour is gorgeous, delicious and a must see! – – – – – – – Last summer on our epic California-bound road trip, one of my favourite stops was the Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Gardens.  As you may know I have been working with Kendall-Jackson for a while now, making delicious recipes to share with our readers, so when I knew we were going to be in the area, I had to visit. So on a sunny beautiful California day, my husband and I set out for the wine estate and gardens, excited for a garden tour, vineyard tour and food and wine pairings with the amazing Kendall-Jackson personnel I work with. As soon as we arrived we were in love with this place!  The main building just invites you in, with promises of a great time. But before you even really get started, we had to take a tour of the main gardens at the front of the building.  Flowers, fountains, garden paths, benches…all inviting you in to enjoy it all. Beautiful! While we were there the grapes were in veraison, which means that it was almost time for harvest!  It was really […]

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