Easy Silver Bells Wreath Ornament


Hi there! Well it's almost the big day, and I finally feel like I've got things coming together.  My gifts are bought, and I even got a few wrapped...it's a miracle really (speaking of wrapping and holiday prep...have you seen my 'Keeping it real' series going on on my Facebook page?  I'm having fun sharing some of my holiday realities with you...I figured we could all use some holiday realness and a few giggles).  Anyway, I'm really really looking forward to Monday when I'm going to unplug for … [Read more...]

Easy Last Minute DIY Christmas Ornaments


Hi friends!  I'm so grateful that you came by today...it's such a busy time of year, so I'm thankful that you've taken time out of your day to visit!  If you still have a few gifts to get, I have a really great and really simple project for you! I've been seeing these DIY Christmas ornaments all over and I really wanted to make a couple of my own for our tree and for gifts!  These are so easy to make...less than 5 minutes each, and they cost less than $3.  Yep.  $3.  Awesome! These silver … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Salt Ornaments


Well we're really on the Christmas countdown now!  Lots of last minute tasks going on right?!  Shopping, wrapping, baking...the list for me is endless.  Gah.  I'm hoping to have all my gifts bought by tomorrow night as I hit the stores yet again.  I'm really really really really really looking forward to going home to my Mom & Dad's with my family to unplug, sip eggnog, skate and stuff my face.  Yes. But there are always those last minute gifts that creep up...the kind where your 11 year … [Read more...]

Wintery Red and Silver Front Porch


 Welcome to winter at my home!  And let me tell you...it's winter here.  We've already had blizzards and -40 degree C windchills and there is no sign of it stopping!  I don't have to cross my fingers for a white Christmas, because we're definitely going to have it - it's pretty much been snowing since December 1!  I love it because it's so cozy and feels so Christmas-y, which has me decorating like a mad woman! One of the first places I like to start my seasonal decorating is on our porch.  We … [Read more...]

Turtle Cookies


Welcome to Day 2 of Christmas Cookie Week 2013! Yesterday I brought you Butter Tart Squares with A Shortbread Cookie Crust, and today I bring you Turtle Cookies.  Oh yes.  I went there.  Turtles are the best...and in cookie form...oh my.  Hold me back. I can't even tell you how good these are.  You just need to make them to find out. They're perfectly soft and chewy and crunchy and chocolatey and nutty and caramelly all at the same time. These little delights didn't make it more than 2 … [Read more...]

Butter Tart Squares with A Shortbread Cookie Crust


Two posts in one day?!  I know right.  Crazy town...but I'm just bursting with ideas and recipes so I'm just going to go with it.  So a big huge jolly welcome to Christmas Cookie Week 2013!  Oh man, I love Christmas baking...I admit I'm going a bit crazy with the cookie making, but it can't be helped!  :) This year, I'm part of a group of 8 bloggers that have come together to share a daily recipe for yummy and delicious cookies.  We hope to inspire you during this season of Christmas baking as … [Read more...]

A Colourful Christmas Table!


Hi friends!  Thank you for coming to visit me today!  I'm so lucky to have you here!  I wanted to share some good news and a Christmas Table with you today! Recently I had the amazing opportunity to work with Canadian Tire, where they featured my Colourful Christmas Table in their on-line Christmas catalogue!  SO exciting!!  My table was included with 3 other amazing bloggers tables: Kerri from A Pop of Pretty, Shannon & Dean from AKA Design, Jennifer from Rambling Renovators. This was … [Read more...]

Peppermint Bark


Oh peppermint bark, how much do I love thee?  Especially that bark from William's Sonoma...my word...can't...stop...eating...it.  But it's SO expensive.  Kind of crazy-doesn't-make-any-sense expensive, so I don't buy it often.  But you know what?  You can make your own bark!  With 3 ingredients.  As long as you use good quality, creamy chocolate, your peppermint bark will be fantastic too! With the holidays upon us, I wanted to have treats around that are easy to share with friends and family … [Read more...]