Favourite Things Partaaaaay!

It’s baaaaaaack!  Oprah’s Favourite Things Extravaganza airs this Sunday!  Woot woot!

I love this show.  More.  Than.  Any.  Other.  Show.  In.  The.  History.  Of.  Shows.

I can’t wait!

So in honour of its return, I’m hosting a little party of my own!

Got a wish list?  Things you can’t live without?  Stuff you want?

Put it all together and come back here on Sunday and link up your post!


I can’t wait to see what’s on your Favourite Things list!

See you Sunday!


  1. Fun!! Can’t wait! =)

  2. Fun! I am putting my post together now :)

  3. Yes! I will get together a post …

  4. A post of scrapbook things or any favs?

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