Mummy Drink Boxes

These Mummy Drink Boxes are a great idea for your kids Halloween parties!  Simple & spooky!

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Mummy Drink Boxes

Now I know that Halloween is only 2 days away, but if you are looking for a last minute project this is it!  How do I know it’s perfect for last minute?  Because I just made them for my kids school Halloween parties!  It took me a couple of hours because I made 35 of them, but I still managed to pull it off!  Nothing like leaving things until the last second haha!


Mummy Drink Boxes

Anyway, these are perfect for a fun surprise in your kids lunch boxes on Halloween day, or for your little ones Halloween parties!

Gotta love Pinterest for amazing inspiration!


Here’s How To: 

All you need is white duct tape or electrical tape, google eyes and glue (I used a glue gun).  For 35 I used 2 rolls of duct tape.

  • Remove the straw (keeping it in the plastic wrapping).
  • Wrap each drink box with the tape, criss crossing to look like mummy wrapping.
  • Glue on some eyeballs.
  • Put a little drop of glue on the back of the box, and reattach the straw.

So spooooooky!
Happy Halloween!



  1. LOVE the idea to use duct tape. It will stay on and not fall down, as does fabric!!

  2. So cute and simple! Totally doing this in my kids lunch boxes on Wednesday!

  3. hahaha, this is absolutely awesome! love it and will probably make it!

  4. Ummmmmm I love those!!!

  5. I love this. Please link it to my linky party & anything else you have to share. :) Thanks, Peggy.

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