Summer Salads: Marvelous Maple!

On May Long Weekend we went to stay at my parent’s house on the lake.  
We were hoping for a warm and fun weekend, and we were not disappointed!  
For the first time in recent memory, we did not have a snowfall on May Long!  Whew!  
Instead,  we were treated to spectacular warm weather and fabulous food!  What a great time!
My mom, as usual, fed us well!  The highlight for me, was this Maple Vinaigrette Salad.
So so good.  A flavour explosion in my mouth!  Really.

Maple Vinaigrette  (a recipe from my Mom)
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp maple syrup (the real stuff!)
1 tbsp water (add more if you feel it needs it)
1 tsp dry mustard
1 tsp salt

Romaine, Green Leaf, or Butter Lettuce, torn into bite-sized pieces
1  or 2 Mangoes, cut up into bite-sized chunks
Feta Cheese, crumbled
1/4  – 1/2 Red Onion, sliced thin
1 cup Pecans

  • Blend together vinegar, oil, sugar, syrop, water, mustard and salt.
  • Toss with lettuce, mango, onion, cheese and pecans.


  1. This sounds wonderful, I love mangoes. New follower from Wandering Wednesday.

  2. I want to make this! Another delicious salad recipe you had hiding up your sleeve 😉 I bet the
    mustard gives perfect amount of “kick”

    Delighted Momma

  3. One of my favourite summer salads is very similar to yours. Due to a nut allergy I can’t add the pecans so I use hulled sunflower seeds (and add some fresh strawberries too). Truly delicious! I’ve been on the lookout for a homemade Maple Balsamic dressing so I was thrilled to see you had one!!! I can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks!

  4. Oh how yummy! I love any salad with mangoes and pecans. Looks delicious! I’m stockpiling all of your salad recipes :)

    Star Hughes Living

  5. Thanks for sharing! This looks super yummy! I am stopping by from the Strut Your Stuff Link Party. I am your newest follower and cannot wait to read more:) I would love to have you stop by my blog when you have a chance!

  6. I would love to invite you over to THIS WEEK’S CRAVINGS linky party for Summer Salads. This recipe would be perfect, we hope you stop by and link it up! Thanks a million!

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