My Holiday Home

Hello!  Welcome to my holiday home!  Come on in... You may have already seen our outdoor trimming!  So please, come inside... There's no theme in here.  And not much changes from year to year...but that's just the way we like it.  Christmas is all about tradition and recreating memories.  I think even if I wanted to completely change the look of it all, the kids just would not go for it.  There'd be a mutiny. And besides, what would I do with all of our amazing ornaments?!  None of them matc … [Read more...]

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece

You know how sometimes you throw some things into a bowl because you don't know where else to put them, then you look over one day and realize that everything in said bowl actually looks really pretty? That's how this centrepiece came about.  It's true. I had one bowl overflowing with lemons, so I had a few strays that I ended up putting in this long wooden bowl that I keep on my dinner table.  And I had some pine cones and pieces of Christmas tree left over from another project I was w … [Read more...]

Festive Outdoor Trimming!

The decorating over here continues!  Recently I completed my step...and truth be told this year I found it a challenge!  My post from last year was such a hit that I felt like I needed to up the ante this season.  But what I actually wanted to do was take a whole different approach to it.  I wanted to bring all the natural elements of where I live to my front step.  I love the outdoors.  Our forests, our mountains...everything about where I live.  And I wanted my front porch to reflect that.  So … [Read more...]

Simple & Pretty Christmas Centrepieces

This year we are hosting Christmas at our home! It's the first time in a few years that we have actually had Christmas in our own home, and I'm really, really looking forward it.  I can't wait to have the kids come down stairs from their own rooms, and I can't wait to fill our fridge (and bellies) with yumminess! With all the planning that goes into the baking and cooking, I often find that my table settings get overlooked.  I'm running around last minute putting the table together without m … [Read more...]

My Christmas Mantel

It's that time of year again!  Christmas mantel time that is!  I put ours together this past weekend... But you see the thing about my Christmas mantel is, that it just doesn't change much from year to year. Christmas decorations are hard to change unless you change everything.  I thought and thought about what I could do, but I went back to what I knew. What I liked.  And what went with all the other Christmas decor I had around, like my Sparkly Ornament Wreath. I mean, I'd love to s … [Read more...]