Is your chicken #RaisedByACDNFarmer? Canadian Chicken is Now Easier to Choose Than Ever!

More than ever people want to know where their food comes from: where and how was it grown?
I know I sure do.  

Responding to this, Chicken Farmers of Canada has introduced its “Raised by a Canadian Farmer” program with a new logo that is being launched in stores across Canada!  We will now easily be able to identify chicken raised by a Canadian chicken farmer, and this means that we can choose chicken that we know meets the highest nutrient, food safety and animal welfare standards!

Soooooooo, here is the new logo!  Isn’t it pretty?  Now you can look for this logo in your grocery store and feel confident in where your chicken is coming from and how it is raised!


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Who wants to WIN a $5,000 backyard makeover?!

In celebration of the launch of this new logo, Chicken Farmers of Canada is teaming up with CityLine and offering an awesome contest!  You can enter for your chance to win a $5,000 backyard makeover!

Raised by a Cdn Farmer blog image


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Announcing the #RaisedByACDNFarmer Twitter Party June 25th 9pm EST!


Join us for some twitter party fun to celebrate the new #RaisedbyaCDNFarmer logo!  Here are the Twitter Party Details:
●  Hashtag: #RaisedByACDNFarmer
●  Date: June 25th, 9pm EST
●  Host: @ChickenFarmers
●  Co­Host: @SJConsulting_CA


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Disclosure: I am participating in the Chicken Farmers of Canada campaign managed by SJ Consulting. I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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