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My Holiday Home

Hello!  Welcome to my holiday home!  Come on in…

You may have already seen our outdoor trimming!  So please, come inside…

There’s no theme in here.  And not much changes from year to year…but that’s just the way we like it.  Christmas is all about tradition and recreating memories.  I think even if I wanted to completely change the look of it all, the kids just would not go for it.  There’d be a mutiny.

And besides, what would I do with all of our amazing ornaments?!  None of them match, yet they all seem to compliment each other.  We have so many that our tree is front heavy.  Two years in a row our tree has fallen over from the weight of all of them!  No kidding.  The first time we blamed it on our newly purchased tree stand.  This year we used our old stand that never failed us…except that the tree fell about 20 minutes after we finished decorating it…hmmmm…maybe not the stand?  Maybe our hundreds of ornaments and how disproportionately they were distributed?!

Here’s this years tragedy…and being the blogger that I am it went immediately onto Instagram, lol!

Ouch.  Let me tell you this sounds really really loud.  And there were a lot of tears.  And broken ornaments…but we got it back up and the damage was a lot less worse than it first appeared.  So here’s how it looks now…

Pretty.  And tied up.  A few ornaments with glued on legs and skates.  But we’ll always remember when and why they broke.  😉

Isn’t it so festive?!  We love it.

I love this little corner of our home at Christmas.  You can see and smell the tree from pretty much anywhere on our main floor.  It’s the main attraction.  And it compliments my simple Christmas mantel really nicely.

I also fill our coffee table with ornaments to tie it all together…love love this Ikea table.

So here’s how things look at night.  It’s much more pretty in real life…

And because I can’t resist the opportunity to put in a Bokeh picture of our tree…

The last thing I wanted to show you is our garland wrapped staircase.  It’s the same garland as what’s on the mantel, so everything ties together so nice.  I love these…even when I am picking up the 100th shatterproof ornament that has bounced across the floor that day.  It’s become kind of joke really…our 3 year old picks them up too and puts them all in the same spot.  On the same branch.  😉

This is how they look at night.  Love.

So that’s it.  We’re ready for Christmas!
Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a very Merry day!

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A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece

You know how sometimes you throw some things into a bowl because you don’t know where else to put them, then you look over one day and realize that everything in said bowl actually looks really pretty?

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

That’s how this centrepiece came about.  It’s true.

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

I had one bowl overflowing with lemons, so I had a few strays that I ended up putting in this long wooden bowl that I keep on my dinner table.  And I had some pine cones and pieces of Christmas tree left over from another project I was working on, so I threw them in there too only because I didn’t know what else to do with them at the moment…let’s just be honest…I was too lazy to throw them out…

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

Then one moment I looked over and…well would you look at that?!  How pretty!

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

So I just lined up everything to make it a little neater, then added a few more greens and some cranberries.  Done.  It looks so fabulous on my table…a little festive bowl of sunshine.  Love.

A Pretty Lemon Christmas Centrepiece {A Pretty Life}

Again I say, simple is best.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated or perfect to be beautiful.


Have a very Merry day!


Festive Outdoor Trimming!

The decorating over here continues!  Recently I completed my step…and truth be told this year I found it a challenge!  My post from last year was such a hit that I felt like I needed to up the ante this season.  But what I actually wanted to do was take a whole different approach to it.  I wanted to bring all the natural elements of where I live to my front step.  I love the outdoors.  Our forests, our mountains…everything about where I live.  And I wanted my front porch to reflect that.  So this year things are looking very different.  But I love it.  Love love it.

Fresh Evergreen Christmas Pots

I had a vision…so when I discovered that our local grocery chain was selling huge bundles of greens, and twigs and birch branches so inexpensively, I loaded up.  First, let me tell you, when I saw the bins of all these greens my heart started pounding with excitement!  I didn’t even know where to start.  So I just grabbed!  😉

Fresh Evergreen Christmas Pots

My mother-in-law gave me this old metal voting box, and it’s perfect for this arrangement.  I started with placing the two birch branches in the middle, then layered all the different types of greenery and twigs.  Gorgeous!

Let’s look at this planter again shall we…

Fresh Evergreen Christmas Pots

Wait a second.  Why yes, in case you were wondering, yes that is in fact a child licking the window.  That would be my 3 year old.  That’s how we roll around here.

Anyhow, moving on…  😉

Fresh Evergreen Christmas Pots

On the other side of the door I made the same arrangement, but just placed it in a different container.  I found this old butter box at a garage sale this summer…LOVE it!  Then I added some ornaments and wooden snowflake.  Pretty pretty pretty!

Red & Green Christmas Porch

This is what they look like from the sidewalk.  Simple & pretty.

I also added back the hanging ornaments from last year.  I love how these look.  So festive!

DIY Red and Green Evergreen Christmas Wreath

And no front door of mine is complete without a wreath!

I used an evergreen base, then added all the little red berries, pine cones, snowballs and gems and topped it off with a silver ribbon!  I love how it turned out.

So, maybe you are wondering what ever happened to my pots from last year?  Well they have a new home…

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating

I moved them to the front of my home, on either side of our garage.

Now I’m sidetracking you…notice all the gorgeous gorgeous frost?!  We have had the most amazing hoarfrost this winter.  I’m talking like almost 5 days or more of this gorgeousness!  Everything coated in frost.  I couldn’t believe my luck…my pots looked like Christmas perfection!

DIY Mini ChristmasTrees  //  Made with tomato cages and evergreen garland!

Here is what each pot actually looks like.

I have always wanted to have little evergreen trees lit up with lights in the front of our garage, but any that I ever found were so expensive so I never bought them.  Then a neighbour (Hi Sheryn!) posted pictures of her little trees that she made from tomato cages.  Genius.

I didn’t have tomato cages, but I did just so happen to have 2 iron circular cones that I use for growing beans and sweet peas…why didn’t I think of them earlier?!

DIY Mini ChristmasTrees  //  Made with tomato cages and evergreen garland!

I just wrapped the cones in evergreen garland and white lights.  Done.

Love love them!  They look so pretty from the road.  And in all the fog and frost?!  Divine!

DIY Mini ChristmasTrees  //  Made with tomato cages and evergreen garland!

And to finish them all off, I filled the bottom of the tree with large red & silver ornaments.

These looked so pretty!  Looked?  Yes, that’s past tense.  See, we also get wicked chinook winds here that blow every beautiful decoration in existence away.  I had 2 neighbours knock on my door with ornaments they retrieved from the road.  That’s just real life I guess!!  😉  I plan on putting them back…I just haven’t yet.  I practically blew away this weekend, so I’ll wait just a little longer!


Well, I hope you like what I’ve put together this year!  I really like the change, and feel like it reflects my tastes a little more.  And besides, it’s fun to keep things new and fresh every year!

Have a very Merry day!


Simple & Pretty Christmas Centrepieces

This year we are hosting Christmas at our home!  It’s the first time in a few years that we have actually had Christmas in our own home, and I’m really, really looking forward it.  I can’t wait to have the kids come down stairs from their own rooms, and I can’t wait to fill our fridge (and bellies) with yumminess!

With all the planning that goes into the baking and cooking, I often find that my table settings get overlooked.  I’m running around last minute putting the table together without much thought to how it looks.  Not this year.  I’m planning ahead.  I know I want things simple and rustic so that’s what’s going to happen!

But one thing that I am trying to remember, and instill in my own life is to keep things simple.  It really is so true, that it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated or perfect to be beautiful!

DIY Mason Jar Christmas Centrepieces {A Pretty Life}

I love mason jars, evergreens, ribbons and cranberries, so why not decorate with them?  They’re easy to find (most of the stuff I had around already), inexpensive to purchase and simple to put together!  Perfect for a simple & pretty dinner table (or an appetizer station or vignette).

DIY Mason Jar Christmas Centrepieces {A Pretty Life}

I gathered up some greens (actually I hacked the back of our Christmas tree), and supplies for simple mason jar candles, and I got to work.

DIY Mason Jar Christmas Centrepieces {A Pretty Life}


Here’s what I used:

  • Mason jars in 2 different sizes
  • Floating candles
  • Ribbon
  • Fresh cranberries

Here’s how to:

  • Just wrap some pretty ribbon around the jars.
  • Add some cranberries and a few sprigs of evergreens.
  • Fill up the jar 2/3 full with water.
  • Add a floating candle.

DIY Mason Jar Christmas Centrepieces {A Pretty Life}

Scatter some small evergreen branches and fresh cranberries on the table and it’s done!  I really like how it all just works together…the red & green natural elements are so great for this time of year!

DIY Mason Jar Christmas Centrepieces {A Pretty Life}

Just simple & festive!   Now all we need is the turkey and all the fixings!

– — – – – –

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Have a Merry day!

My Christmas Mantel

It’s that time of year again!  Christmas mantel time that is!  I put ours together this past weekend…

But you see the thing about my Christmas mantel is, that it just doesn’t change much from year to year.

Christmas decorations are hard to change unless you change everything.  I thought and thought about what I could do, but I went back to what I knew.

What I liked.  And what went with all the other Christmas decor I had around, like my Sparkly Ornament Wreath.

I mean, I’d love to switch things up…I have a million different ideas in my head…a vintage white Christmas tree, a rustic decor, all white…but it’s just not that easy to change everything.  It’s expensive.  Not to mention that what if I change my mind again?!  😉

So my mantel is basically the same as last year.  I can’t do too much with it because it competes with our tree.

So simple is best.  Here it is in all it’s simple glory.  And I love it just how it is.  😉


Have a Merry day!

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