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My Holiday Home

Hello!  Welcome to my holiday home!  Come on in…

You may have already seen our outdoor trimming!  So please, come inside…

There’s no theme in here.  And not much changes from year to year…but that’s just the way we like it.  Christmas is all about tradition and recreating memories.  I think even if I wanted to completely change the look of it all, the kids just would not go for it.  There’d be a mutiny.

And besides, what would I do with all of our amazing ornaments?!  None of them match, yet they all seem to compliment each other.  We have so many that our tree is front heavy.  Two years in a row our tree has fallen over from the weight of all of them!  No kidding.  The first time we blamed it on our newly purchased tree stand.  This year we used our old stand that never failed us…except that the tree fell about 20 minutes after we finished decorating it…hmmmm…maybe not the stand?  Maybe our hundreds of ornaments and how disproportionately they were distributed?!

Here’s this years tragedy…and being the blogger that I am it went immediately onto Instagram, lol!

Ouch.  Let me tell you this sounds really really loud.  And there were a lot of tears.  And broken ornaments…but we got it back up and the damage was a lot less worse than it first appeared.  So here’s how it looks now…

Pretty.  And tied up.  A few ornaments with glued on legs and skates.  But we’ll always remember when and why they broke.  😉

Isn’t it so festive?!  We love it.

I love this little corner of our home at Christmas.  You can see and smell the tree from pretty much anywhere on our main floor.  It’s the main attraction.  And it compliments my simple Christmas mantel really nicely.

I also fill our coffee table with ornaments to tie it all together…love love this Ikea table.

So here’s how things look at night.  It’s much more pretty in real life…

And because I can’t resist the opportunity to put in a Bokeh picture of our tree…

The last thing I wanted to show you is our garland wrapped staircase.  It’s the same garland as what’s on the mantel, so everything ties together so nice.  I love these…even when I am picking up the 100th shatterproof ornament that has bounced across the floor that day.  It’s become kind of joke really…our 3 year old picks them up too and puts them all in the same spot.  On the same branch.  😉

This is how they look at night.  Love.

So that’s it.  We’re ready for Christmas!
Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a very Merry day!

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