DIY Gold Polka Dot Mug & Irish Cream Coffee

Happy Monday friends!

There’s some fun going on over here today!  15 fabulous blogs got together to bring you 15 gold DIY projects! Awesome right?!

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So to get this fun time started, here is my gold project!

DIY Gold Polka Dot Mug & Irish Cream Coffee Recipe

I have to say, I swore up and down that I didn’t love gold…but you know what?  I think I love it.  What?!  Yes.  I think I love gold.  And I might even try to put some gold accents into my home this spring.  It’s having an effect on me…the way it’s softly sparkles and looks like sunshine.  Who knew I could be convinced?  Certainly not me.  But I’m convinced.

So when I was thinking of ideas for a gold project, I immediately thought of painting a mug.  Now I realize that this is not a new concept.  Like at all.  But for some reason I have always wanted to paint my own mug, and not in an elaborate way either.  I just wanted my very own polka dot mug for my everyday treasured cup of decaf coffee.  My own mug that one one is allowed to drink out of ever.  Don’t touch my mug mmmmmmkay?

And I wanted my mug to be a polka dot mug.  I’ve just always been drawn to polka dots.  I love polka dots.  So I searched around and tried a couple of different ways to paint mugs (I’ve tried using Sharpie pens which just disappear on the first wash, so I thought I’d try something else).  I went to our local big box craft store, and bought some paint made especially for glass.  The kind of paint that swears you can wash the dish in the dishwasher with no problems.  See, for me this was key…I had to be able to put this mug in the dishwasher, I’m not a fan of hand washing and avoid this method at all costs.  So I was skeptical about this paint working, but amazingly, this mug has been through the dishwasher at least 5 times, and not one polka dot has fallen off or disappeared.  Not one.

DIY Gold Polka Dot Mug & Irish Coffee {A Pretty Life}

Here’s How To:


  • I bought Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint in Metallic colour Yellow Gold
  • 1 ceramic mug


  • Make sure your mug is cleaned and completely dry.
  • I didn’t even use a paint brush to do this…I used the bottle and just squeezed dots, in a random pattern, all over my mug.  I wanted some of the dots to be raised and some not to be, so this method worked for that.  If there were any shapes that I didn’t like, I just quickly wiped them off with a piece of paper towel.
  • Then I baked my mug.  This is key.  This step absolutely cannot be missed…it cures the paint and ensures that it will not wash or peel off during washing.
  • To do this, I put my mug in a cold oven, then turned it on to 350 degrees and baked it for 45 minutes.
  • Voila!  Done!

DIY Gold Polka Dot Mug & Irish Coffee {A Pretty Life}

Isn’t it pretty?!  I love my mug.

DIY Gold Polka Dot Mug & Irish Coffee {A Pretty Life}

And in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day my mug needed an Irish coffee.  With whipped cream and gold sprinkles.  It really did.


Irish Coffee

  • Make a cup of your favour coffee.
  • Add 1 ounce of Irish cream (like Baileys)
  • Top it off with freshly whipped whipping cream
  • Add some gold sprinkles (I bought these at Michaels)
  • YUM

DIY Gold Polka Dot Mug & Irish Coffee {A Pretty Life}

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Love that Gold Blog Hop

Now, for more “golden” inspiration, here are 14 fabulous projects from 14 other talented ladies.  These are amazing projects and tutorials…you really have to check them out!  SO much talent here…

Love That Gold- 15 Golden Projects to Inspire

From left to right, they are:

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Kate Spade-inspired Coasters by Suburble
Gold-and-Black Layered Bracelet by Happy Hour Projects
Vintage Key Art by Satori Design for Living
Gold Bowties by Fynes Designs

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I hope you loved everything over here today…we had so much fun putting our projects and this blog hop for you!

Have an inspired day!


  1. Looks totally FABULOUS! such and easy technique with big impact! the Irish Coffee looks really yummy!

  2. Any excuse to have a little Baileys with breakfast! Great recipe and cute mug!

  3. Looks fantastic, Jo-Anna! It took me a while to jump on the gold wagon, but now I love it too!

  4. Loving the mug!!!! Do you have any Irish Coffee right now? I’ll be right over for a cup :) Pinning!

  5. Coolest thing ever!!!!

  6. Swoon… I forgot to say how much I love those gold sprinkles – genius!

  7. I am crazy over polka dots too! I love your gold mug…it is so pretty! I would also make a great gift for someone with some cookies inside or a gift card! Great project Jo-Anna! Happy Monday!!
    Angie xo

  8. So glad you’ve been converted to a gold-fan, Jo-Anna! I’m glad you’ve come over to the “glitzy side”! This mug is gorgeous – I so want to do a baked glass-paint mug. Pinning this, lady!

  9. Ooooooooh! I need one of those mugs. I also desperately need what’s inside it too!

  10. This mug is amazing…awesome simplistic beauty…I also love the gold sprinkles! LOVELY!

  11. Love your gold roundup – such great ideas! And $300 would be pretty nice right about now!

  12. So pretty Jo-Anna! I love the 3-D look of the mug! I’m like you – I have always been a silver girl but I can see adding little bits of gold in now! :)

  13. Bailey’s and Gold sprinkles? I think I love you!

  14. wow, thanks! ^^
    fingers crossed!

  15. I WANT THAT MUG <— yes, I screamed that.

    I think you should come to my blog and get the SIMPLE to make, homemade baileys recipe. You will never buy the stuff in a bottle again. It's THAT good.

    Big love !!!

  16. I love your mug and the coffee sounds delicious!!

  17. Love, it Jo!

    These themed mega-hops are a fun idea!


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