My Front Porch Makeover Reveal!

Well we’re at it again…we’ve been busy painting the exterior of our home.  But after 6 years of neglect, it was time for a full refresh, especially in the paint department.  And honestly I’ve been SO excited about these exterior paint projects…our house really needed some TLC.  I love our home and want to take care of it because we plan on being here for a few more years.  Even though life gets so busy, it’s important to me that we’re on top of the upkeep of our home.  Our home is a reflection of us, so I want it to be warm and welcoming.

So we have come up with a list of projects that we intend to get completed over the next few months and it feels good.  Maybe not in the actual moment of slaving away and getting things done, but it’s so satisfying to see a project get completed.  So far we tackled our front door and gave it a paint job that we adore.  Then it was time to turn our attention to the porch floor, the railings and all the fancy trim.

So we got busy on a Saturday with our CIL paint and gave our front porch a makeover, and I couldn’t love it any more.  Everything looks fresh and brand new!  Come take a look…

Front Porch Makeover {A Pretty Life}

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ok, let’s dive in!  Here is the ugly truth…the before.  Our porch floor and stairs were in dire need of a paint job.  They were worn, the old paint from eons ago wore away and everything just really looked really tired.  Not pretty.  Not pretty at all.  But the good thing is that the wood was in good condition so we didn’t need to replace anything, all we needed to do was give everything a few coats of paint.  In preparation for painting, we cleaned all the surfaces and sanded down any peeling paint, but that’s all it really needed.

Here’s what it looked like BEFORE:

Front Porch Step Before {A Pretty Life}

And now what it looks like AFTER:

Front Porch Step After {A Pretty Life}

Fresh and clean.  I actually can’t believe how it all just looks so brand new…I am continually amazed at the power paint has to transform a space.  Like look at the floor!  Love.

Front Porch Floor Before & After {A Pretty Life}

Here’s another view of the big change.  It’s really quite drastic when you see it side by side isn’t it?

Front Porch Makeover {A Pretty Life}

It feels like a brand new porch.  And I’m left wondering why we waited to so long to tackle this project.  But you know life…it gets in the way and before you know it, it’s been 6+ years since your house saw some much needed TLC.

Front Porch Makeover {A Pretty Life}

Once we got all the painting done, I couldn’t wait to tackle the final phase of adding flowers and some pretty decor.

Front Porch Makeover {A Pretty Life}

I flanked the door with 2 planters full of shade loving plants, and tried to add some foliage that would compliment the yellow door.  Then I stumbled upon this colourful woven rug that just seems to tie everything in so nicely.  I really think the greens and the aquas work perfectly!  The combination of it all is very cheery, especially set against our new yellow door.

Front Porch Makeover {A Pretty Life}

I had fun picking out new planters and decorations for the step.  I’m especially loving my new rustic Virginia Johnson pottery planter!  The blue floral matches perfectly with everything!

Pansies in 1930's enamel pot {A Pretty Life}

And I got busy filling pots with my favourite happy flowers, like pansies.

Flowers in Pickling Pot {A Pretty Life}

And petunias.  So gorgeous and colourful!

Lavender Wreath {A Pretty Life}

And of course I had to add a wreath…because you know me, I have a thing for wreaths.  Every front door needs a wreath, so I went on the hunt for the perfect one and found this lovely dried lavender wreath.  I love how subtle and pretty it is…and it smells nice too!

Front Porch Makeover {A Pretty Life}

And my final touch were the yellow & white hanging flower baskets.  I love how they match our door!  I’m loving how everything looks together, it’s just so fresh and welcoming!  Over time I might add a little sitting area in the far corner, with a rocking chair and some pretty cushions.  But for now, I’m loving how clean and simple it looks!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Paint Details:

  • For the porch railings & accents we used CIL Realife Siding, Doors & Trim in Satin.  Colour:  Swordplay
  • For the porch floor & stairs we used CIL Woodcare in Semi-Transparent.  Colour: Traditional Walnut

Practical Painting Tips:

  • Make sure the areas that you are painting are cleaned properly.
  • Make sure everything is dry before applying your paint.
  • Paint brush type:  we used medium sized bristle brushes for this project.
  • We applied 2 coats of paint to both the railings and the porch floor.
  • Follow the directions on the can for drying times.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Make sure to stop in soon and check out our next exterior paint project!  This one is a big one!

Have an inspired day!

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Disclosure:  I have been sponsored by CIL brand paint for PPG to write this post, but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  Really truly.  I’m loving the transformation of CIL paint in my home!


  1. nicolthepickle says:

    It’s beautiful! I love the floor colour.

  2. It looks great Jo-Anna!

  3. Looks great…who ever painted that sure did a fantastic job!

  4. Isn’t it nice to come home to a front porch like that? Looks great! Ours faces SW and takes a beating. Staining isn’t my favorite thing to do, but so worth it. Funny how our front porches have basically the same colors, just used in different areas!

  5. Looks beautiful! The before and after of the stairs is amazing. What a difference!

  6. it looks so beautiful. It’s amazing what a little paint will do. Love it!

  7. It looks great! What a nice refresh :)

  8. Melissa Nelson says:

    It looks beautiful! I absolutely love it. :)

  9. It is really neat to see the transformation. I loved the previous porch colours but I can see you needed just to be freshen things up and it certainly worked. The yellow door with the dark steps and your summer accessories and plants look fabulous. Summer is here!

  10. That looks fabulous! I’m about to embark on my own deck makeover so this is great inspiration.

  11. So beautiful. You constantly inspire!!! Thanks!

  12. It is gorgeous, Jo-Anna! I love the colours you chose… it looks like a brand new space! Great job!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous. I love that blue vase accent as well. I need to liven up our front area too. Thanks for breaking it down so well.

  14. Looks so fresh! I love the dark walnut you chose for the flooring, looks so rich

  15. Love it!! Very inviting! :)

  16. Beautiful!! Love the colours.

  17. I feel super inspired to create a beautiful front porch scape now!

  18. Oh my goodness Jo it looks so pretty! I love it!!!!!!!!

  19. Did you have to sand the porch first? ours needs some TLC and i have no idea what to do. I just completed my first project, myself; new front door color :) i want to keep going but im new to the home improvement stuff

    • Hi! I lightly sanded but I mostly just concentrated on making sure the wood was clean and dry…I just sanded any areas where there was any paint peeling. Good luck with your projects! :)

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